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 Wire Mesh 
 Weave Types:
※ Items without specifications are for custom made order only。
Plain Weave 【Specs】 Twilled Weave 【Specs】 Plain Dutch Weave  【Specs】
Twilled Dutch Weave【Specs】 Twist Weave Double Twist Weave
Chain Link Fence【Specs】 Crimp Mesh 【Specs】  
Converyour Belt
Sectional Type 101 Sectional Type102 Balanced Type 201
Balanced Type 202 Cord Type 401 Double Balanced 501
Double Balanced 502 Double Balanced 503 Rope Type 701
Rope Type 702 Herring-bone Twilled Weave Ladder Type

* Edge types: for knuckled, for welded, for mixture.
*Sp: spiral pitch; Rp: rod pitch.
* Maximum width for Rope Type 701, 702, & Herring-bone Twilled Weave is 2.5 Meter.
* For High temperature working environment, please specify to use 310S, 314, or 330.
Safe Operation Temperature Chart, click to enlarge.

Vibrating Screen
Intercrimp Double Crimp Lock Crimp Square
Lock Crimp(Rectangle) Slotted Flat Top
Rectangle with Flat Wire W Harp Screen Harp Screen